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  • Translation
  • Online Survey
  • Mystery Audit
  • F2F Interview
  • High Profile Interviw
  • Report Writing


Our translation services provide an opportunity to get your point across to an international audience. And with human translation services, you can level-up your global reach in ways your business has never experienced before. We communicate your message from a source language to an end language, performed by a trained professional in both dialects

TransCar Solutions is a trusted translation provider for many leading global brands as well as smaller businesses. Our main focus is on Market Research Translation which is translation of questionnaire, surveys, back translation like OE Translation. We also create Code list for OE data. We specializes in translation, localization and managed language solutions for clients both large and small, from corporate, government and private sectors. we go the extra mile to make it easy for you to get culturally correct Language Translation Services.

Below are the few languages our translation team works upon:

  • All Indian Languages like Hindi, Bengal, Kannada, Gujrati, etc
  • English - UK & USA
  • Chinese & Mandarin
  • Italian, French & Spanish
  • Arabic & Urdu

Online Survey

Are you going for market research and need authentic & reliable data from your targeted market? Just focus on your analysis and extracting decisions from the qualitative or quantitative results, TransCar Solutions will provide customized and quality data as per your need. We understand the significance of the quality of data for our clients. The quality data is the base while taking any decision. Let it be a product launch decision, let it be positioning decision, or let it be an acquisition or merger of the business decision. The bad data would never help to take a benchmark decision.

No information is valuable without data; any research can be verified and can be concluded with quality data. If you need genuine and authentic data;why you need to knock at anybody’s door when we are there at your service.We have profiled targeting which will target respondents as per your need, it can be basic demographics like age, gender, region else special targeting like race, ethnicity, traveler and many more.

We recruit our respondents through various campaigns running on social media platforms. Once they acknowledge the campaign surveys of their interest, they would be profiled according to interest survey. The next step would be they would be sent a survey in which the remaining information would be asked to them, making them a double opt-in panel member.

Report Writing

A report is an oral or written presentation of research detailing its objectives, methodology, findings, and recommendations.It should help to translate the problems to solutions thus aiding the organization to make appropriate decisions in order to achieve their goal.

Data collected is valuable and provides relevant information when it is presented properly. Our team prepares a brief report from the data collected so that it is easy to analyse the data. We support our clients with data validation, cross-tabulations, excel dashboard, and custom reporting. By using advanced tools, we provide effectiveness and speed into reporting. The report created by us are self-explanatory and with proper reference and analysis based on primary or secondary data. Our reports range from PowerPoint-based formats, PDF- format, Excel Sheet to real-time visualization such as trackers, trend maps, etc.

Mystery Audit

Mystery audits are done for the mystery Shopping Program which is mostly considered by the corporates to evaluate sales and customer service teams. This type of audit is helpful in identifying the areas of improvement both for the quality of deliverable and its delivery channel. We perform Mystery Audit for industries like Airlines, Electronics, Media, NGO, Social Industry, Finance like Bank. Mostly to. the one who is giving direct service or product to the consumer.

At TransCar Solutions we have Professionals from all over PAN India expanding in South East Asia and North America for conducting mystery shopping and they are known as Mystery shoppers. The Mystery Shoppers we hire are best of talents who are also trained for an exacting report of their findings ensuring we offer you information that can positively aid your business decisions in a positive outcome.

We provide a technology-dominated process for Mystery Audits which includes.

  • Getting newer customer insights
  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction
  • Bringing New Sales
  • Identifying loopholes in multiple processes
  • Improving customer deliverables
  • Enhance Brand Recall Value
  • Maintaining Brand Image
  • Tracking and measuring service performance
  • Upgrading customer retention
  • Providing feedback from multi department’s operations
  • Ensuring the quality of a product or service
  • Minimizing customer complaints

F2F Interview

The F2F interview method is a verbal method which is quite significant in securing data. In this method a researcher or an interviewer interacts with his respondent and know their feelings and reactions. G.W. Allport in his statement, beautifully says “if you want to know how people feel, what they experience and what they remember, what their emotions and motives are like and the reasons for acting as they do, why not ask them

F2F interview can be attained with PAPI, CAPI or Focus Group discussion. PAPI is a traditional method of interview where Pen and Paper is being used whereas for CAPI is being assisted with Computer or Tablet to capture the data from interviewee. Focus Group Discussion involves congregating people from parallel backgrounds or experiences together to discuss specific topic of interest. It is a form of qualitative research where questions are asked about their experiences mindsets, beliefs, opinion or ideas. To get best result of your research you have to sample wisely, we at TransCar Solutions implement right hand thumb rule and random sampling method strategy to achieve the accurate readings for analysis.

High Profile Interview

The professionals like Doctors, Politicians, Celebrities etc. are difficult to reach, we at TransCar solutions have wide network which help us to reach these high-profile people

It is difficult to reach these high-profiled people and schedule time for an interview. Our cluster of networks including professionals from almost all fields recruits participants which again recruits another participant thus growing the bond and reach to hard to reach respondents. In general terms this method of sampling is known as Snowball method where network of respondents becomes large and larger through references from each respondent participating in the survey.

At TransCar solutions Snowball method is not restricted to only high-profiled people. Many situations in life which have impact on society but are meant illegal could be a case study. The people associated with such cases do not want them to be found because of possible ramifications. Our interviewers approach with feeling of humanity to these people and make sure to elaborate the benefits of the study and reassure them of confidentiality.